How We Work

Our signature service—Full-Service Design—covers every aspect of building your new home, redesigning your current home or reimagining your vacation home or investment property.

We cater our services to fit your scope! We offer everything needed to ensure the comprehensive completion of your design.

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1. “Getting to Know You” Discovery Call
Our complimentary video call.

2. “Gather Together” Consultation
Design scope of work is determined and the fees investment is developed from the scope.

3. Research, Collaboration, and Conceptual
Feasibility of project, collaboration with architect and builder (if needed) creating your “team”; Design style and preferences, wish lists, likes, dislikes exploration; Video presentation on the direction of the project (floor planning, style direction, etc.)

4. Specifying
All products necessary to complete scope of work. (ex: materials, finishes, construction documents (when necessary), furniture, window treatments, etc.)

5. Detailed Design Presentation
We present the design and propose our top choices, providing you samples of the materials, fabrics and pulling all the details together!


Project Fulfillment
Our aim is to ensure that you won’t need to exert any effort from the moment you approve the design and products until we unveil the final result! This process includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • We partner with the Builder/GC or any trades of your choice (depending on your service) ensuring the design plan is coming together as planned.
  • Place all approved orders
  • Site and workroom visits
  • Builder/GC/Trades people emails, phone calls, problem solving


1. Project Production
This involves the logistical management of all products, encompassing:

  • Shipping/Freight
  • Delivery
  • Product Inspections, Warehousing, Procurement, and Tracking
  • Quality Control and Returns
  • Local Delivery and Installation with Assembly of Products, As Needed

2. Style & Accessorize

  • We enhance your design by adding accessories to your home, hanging artwork, and addressing any other requirements to achieve that magazine-ready appearance.
  • We surprise you with your own reveal to see the final styled space.
  • We leave you with a detailed “book” or e-book that has all your design details, how to care for your products and any information you may need for the future.

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