What is “Full-Service” Interior Design?

What is “Full-Service” Interior Design?

Setting the record straight on “Full-Service” interior design

We love, and I mean LOVE to delight and service our clients. Our process (if you haven’t already read “A Peak Inside our Interior Design Process”, you can do that next!) was designed around this white glove service.

The phrase “full service” however, often causes a lot of confusion in our industry. Mostly because everyone’s definition is different!  We are here to clear things up and demystify what full service means when you work with Dwell & Gather! 

Co-Owners Theresa Lamb and Alicia Hanson styling family room

We aim for a seamless process, exceptional communication and of course a functional but beautiful design that reflects YOU!

-Theresa Lamb

Below are just a few deliverables of “full-service” interior design

  • With your vision in mind, we specify every detail of your project from tile, lighting, cabinetry, flooring, furnishings, fabrics, down to the window treatments.
  • Work hand in hand with all Trades and/or GC / Builder to ensure implementation of the design plan (Tile layouts, lighting plans, millwork, wallpaper installer, etc). 
  • Develop detailed drawings and elevations for floorplans, cabinetry, tile etc. 
  • Create Furniture plan to ensure proper scale.
  • Order finish samples and fabric memos to ensure it all compliments and works together. 
  • Help to troubleshoot and answer any questions that pop up along the way.
  • Oversee installation and styling for a picture-worthy fun reveal! 

Presentation samples for new construction home

“Full-Service” interior design for “all the things”?

Whether it’s your dream home, vacation or second home or an investment property; we can even take it a step further and source the linens, kitchen utensils, organizational items even down to the soap and backstock items! We truly want to give you a white glove experience!

Our streamlined and enjoyable process allows for a fantastic relationship and a beautiful outcome, which allows you to enjoy the space where memories are made!

Sound like a process you’d enjoy?
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