The Better Than Virtual Design Option: D&G’s Master Plan Service

The Better Than Virtual Design Option: D&G’s Master Plan Service

We get it- you want…no, you need, help pulling all the elements of design together in your home. You don’t have time because you are working, volunteering, and running your household. You want your home to function better, look beautiful and you don’t want to do it by yourself. 

The experience of an interior designer is more than just a professional service, it’s a journey that transforms spaces into expressions of unique personality and style. While we typically work on full-service projects (Meaning we take on a project from inception to the final fluff of the pillow and everything in between to service our busy clients), we have helped clients who need our expertise to create the design plan but would prefer to handle the procurement and implementation on their own.

Because we LOVE to serve, we cater our services to fit your scope! So, one of the ways we do that is through what we call our Master Plan Service. 

Are you dying to know more?! Thought so! Below is a recent Master Plan example. But let us set the scene (or in the design world we call it Design Concept) first. 

Project #paintittileitlightit needed a refresh! This family has two working parents and young children, and the plan addresses their desire for an overall updated and cohesive look, fulfilling their desire for a lighter and brighter feel while keeping in mind ROI within the next 3-5 years. The overall design esthetic leans Transitional to stay within the architecture of their home and to appeal to the masses, utilizing a neutral color palette, updated lighting, window treatments, hardware, appliances, suggested furniture and recommendations for light construction in the kitchen and fail room fireplace! 

Screenshot 1

While each Master Plan is different in scope, our process stays the same! We deliver any necessary links to lighting, furniture selected, décor and even the CAD drawings of elevations if there is any light construction that needs to take place for the refresh. We make it personal, joyful and easy! 

Screenshot 2

Once we deliver Step 4 (where you get to see touch and feel all the hard selections), we provide an organized binder with all the information as well as an e-book with all the links and the final design so you can reference and purchase and manage yourself! 

Screenshot 3

The investment starts at $2,800 for one room and up, depending on your scope of course! If you are thinking this might be right for you, visit us here for our inquiry form! Can’t wait to meet you! 

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