Project Tour: Furnish, Style & Décor project in Lake Elmo, MN (Pt.2)

Project Tour: Furnish, Style & Décor project in Lake Elmo, MN (Pt.2)

Leveling up on a Semi Custom home to reflect the vibe of a fun family of four!

We’re heading back to Lake Elmo today to finish our tour of the rest of this project. SPOILER ALERT…. We will be finishing their unfinished basement later this year so follow along on Instagram for all the BTS @dwellandgatherinteriors  

OK, last time in Project Tour Part I, we toured the entryway and office; today we’ll finish the tour in the common spaces: living room, dining room and sitting nook! 

You can see how grand this room is with 20 ft ceilings, a soaring stone fireplace and over sized windows! It’s so vital in interior design, to understand the importance of scale and proportion! Where proportion pertains to the size of objects in relation to each other, scale refers to their size in relation to that of the space. So, keeping this in mind, we got to work!  

As you can see, having properly scaled and proportionate furnishings and decor in a home makes a world of difference. We used a large round table in the corner between the two sofas with connects the two. The beautiful table lamp on top adds interest and functionality!

We used a long, however narrow cocktail table to allow space for deep swivel chairs, that can be used to turn to the sitting nook behind them or towards the kitchen allowing for easy conversation. The chairs defines the living room area and creates easy conversation flow.

Hanson Family 2

Also, to bring attention to that GORGEOUS stone fireplace (SO glad they opted to bring the stone to the top), we placed a long art piece in place of the TV (which was too large for that space). Our suggestion was to get a frame TV and place it over the console to the right, however they will actually be moving their TV space in the basement! 

The other challenge for the homeowner was the space to the right of the fireplace. We knew we needed something large enough to be substantial in that space but nothing too overbearing to take away from the stone. We settled on this cane, light wood console which speaks to the color of the dining table in the adjacent space.

We always kept in mind the color palette throughout the home – and continued to use it well through accessories, metals and fabrics! 

Dining Table

Here you see #ilikeallthestyles at its best! The influence of Scandinavian through the dining chairs, the influence of farmhouse with the live edge whitewashed dining table, and the influence of industrial with the metal legs. To bring this all together with the front entry, office and new design plan, I knew we’d have to bring in new seating.  

Hanson Family Dining

We brought softness into the space through the fabric dining chairs. We know what you’re thinking…. ‘Gasp… fabric chairs in the dining room with young children? NEVER!!!” 

Well let us tell you about crypton fabric (IYKYK). True story… One day soon after the reveal, there was a peanut butter & jelly mishap… yep… right smack dab on one of the chairs. Alicia found it hours later and simply got a whitewash cloth, got it wet and it wiped right off! YES, I KNOW!!! It’s amazing!  


Before this nook was useless… the client wanted to utilize the space better, and since they love to entertain, we wanted to use it as extra seating and perhaps a good reading nook!  

Hanson Nook

We livened up the wall with (WAIT FOR IT) Paint!!! Yes, this is paint on the wall in the form of small flowers. (Custom mix- I know you’re gonna ask 😊)  We especially love how it doesn’t take away from the busy wallpaper in the entry as it’s neutral and simple. 

We added a big comfy chair that brings that natural element through, with coordinating pillows and a small table with a reading lamp and beautiful art from the kids, mixed with family photos! Wala! A nice extra seating spot and perfect for cuddling in with a good book!  

This project is such a great example of how we help blend your unique style into your homes! When you are working with a designer (eh hem…we know a great one!), sit back, relax and trust the process…because that’s when the magic happens! (Speaking of process…have you read about ours yet? Check it out here!) 


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