Top three signs you need an Interior Designer

Top three signs you need an Interior Designer

Maybe you’re building a new house or renovating an old one.

Maybe you just moved into a house and aren’t sure how to furnish it, style it or how to make it …well…. yours! Beside understanding why to hire an interior designer, we thought we’d narrow down the top three signs to notice when you actually need an interior designer!

So, here goes, top three signs you need an interior designer…

1. You love to delegate. 

You want an elevated and beautiful home and don’t have capacity nor desire to spend the hours, weeks, months (sometimes years) it takes to do it yourself. If you haven’t already, you must check out this blog. But for now, just notice if you’re a “DIFM” type verses a “DIY”.

2. You want your home to look unique – less retail store vibes.

IYKYK…amiright?! That moment walking into a home and you notice that the full set of furniture is straight out of (insert retail store name). Absolutely nothing wrong with shopping retail…there are some great options! However, let’s mix and match and maybe even have something curated just for your home!

We are experts in helping hone in on YOUR esthetics and personal ideals for a functional home. With access to hundreds of trade-only vendors, it allows for custom furnishings that fit perfect within your space and style.

We are especially great at adding details to tell the story of your history and layering the practical with the beautiful!

Custom Fabric Samples
Tired of running from store to store on weekends? Get your time back. We do all the running for you; and present a carefully curated design and samples for you to touch/see/feel and execute on.

3. You understand that quality design takes time and is an investment.

Good design comes through taking the time to really know and hear our clients, carefully considered and well coordinated plans as well as quality craftsmanship! Part of the luxury experience we provide is taking the time to get to know our clients intimately (even down to how you fold your clothes!)

Any luxury service includes an investment but think about it this way… the initial investment into making your house a home, yields a recurring return of enjoyment over and over for years to come!

Cozy reading area with gallery wall
Interior Design By: @dwellandgatherinteriors

All things considered, hiring an interior designer (eh hem…we know a really great team- wink!) will save you invaluable time and with our streamlined process, it allows a great experience so you can rest and know you’re in good hands!

Together, we can design the space where memories are made….

There you have it… our top three signs you need an interior designer! We’re wondering if you find yourself in any or all of these three points?!

Interested in learning more about how our team can help on your next project? Let’s chat!

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